• 10th and Intermediate equivalent
  • Degree Certificate & Provisional
  • Individual mark sheets – year wise
  • IELTS Score Card
  • Passport Copy
  • Work Experience Letter (if required)
  • Statement of Purpose [SOP]
  • Resume Other Certificates [if any]
  • Passport size photographs
  • Recommendation Letters [Min 3Nos]

Documents Required for Canada Visa

  • Passport
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Unconditional letter of acceptance
  • Visa Fees receipt (recommended) {CA$150 (~US$120)}
  • Scholarship letter (if applicable)
  • Financial documents> Academic documents
  • Test scores
  • Work experience certificates (if applicable)
  • Medical report (if already undertaken).

In 2015, Statistics Canada announced that right around one-fourth of college graduates returned to class and finished another testament, certificate or level of equivalent or lesser incentive to their first degree. Individuals with a degree in the humanities or in physical and life sciences and advances were the destined to finish another postsecondary program of an equivalent or lesser level, while those with degrees in arithmetic, data science, software engineering, individual administrations, defensive administrations or transportation administrations were the most unrealistic. The greater part of the optional projects were ready to go, administration, open organization, training, or human services.

A recent report from Statistics Canada found that the most elevated paying college degrees for the two people in 2010 were administration science and quantitative expert, trailed by concoction designing. The most elevated paying graduate degree was money related administration and monetary administrations.

A 2016 work showcase evaluation by the Parliamentary Budget Officer revealed that the underemployment rate for students younger than 35 expanded from 32% out of 1991 to 39% out of 2015. The comparable rate for school graduates was comparable until 2006. From that point forward it has tumbled to 33%.