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Guide for Parents
Dt :- 2019-12-16

Studying abroad is not a simple wish and easy task. Many students dream to pursue their higher education in top most reputed universities around the globe. This helps them to expose themselves to international standards with a broader mindset. But, how are parents reacting to student wish of studying abroad.

We solely concentrate and guide Parents to understand how studying abroad help their kids and also how to tackle the situations in a most dignified way. Kadmus have done an enormous research considering various real life scenarios and drafted the following few tips especially for parents to guide their kids better.

The most important and life changing decision made by your kids is to choose to study outside the country which has fair chances for them to settle abroad. As a proud parent, you need to support and stand by your child in helping their dream come true and be a part of their success journey.

Let us focus on some key points, which help you understand and mentor your child better… We have divided our guiding tips into two main parts- Before and After your child leaves abroad for studying.

Part 1: Planning to Study Abroad:
Assess the Mental Determination of your child
  • First try to know how strongly your child has determined to study abroad and what motivates him/her to make such decision.
  • Be a part of their thinking process and guide them the right way by explaining the pros and cons of the decision they made.
  • Make sure to convey them that, you are always with them in each of their future steps.
  • Discuss in Detail about their plans and goals of life and which subjects are interested to them.
  • Involve keenly in their decision journey and make it clear about the after call situations.
  • Assess their goals in a most optimistic way and suggest the tips to achieve them.
Research and Re think
  • Once the decision to study abroad is finalizes, make sure to do a deep research regarding the same.
  • Research about the different universities, fee structures, campus life , country, culture etc more precisely
  • Also assess the financial and family capability to handle the study expenses.
  • Make a list of the interested universities and study in detail
  • Consult family and friends whose kids are already studying abroad and understand what they have encountered in the process. Learn from their experiences.
  • As a parent it is your responsibility to research about the courses your child is interested in, the universities they have been talking about and the kind of lifestyle they would most thrive in.
Reach out for a Professional Counseling
  • Kadmuss helps you to analyze the situation better with a free counseling and make your job simple in choosing the right university for your child depending upon your interest and choice
  • We help you understand an overall scenario right from the applying the universities to till selections
  • We explain in detail about the cost estimates including accommodation, health, food and travel along with the study expenses.
Plan, Prepare and Proceed:
  • After successfully analyzing everything, Plan your actions in an orderly format and complete the procedures step by step.
  • Make a list of universities to apply and start the necessary exam preparations or applying procedures.
  • Plan your travel and Visa procedures also before hand
  • Take care of your child’s health and make sure he/she undergoes regular health check including eye sight and dental checkup. Give them the required vaccines, boosters and regular medicines list.
  • Educate them to sustain themselves like learning simple dishes to cook, washing clothes and utensils.
  • Travel and Health insurance is a must to do activity
  • Sign-up and enroll in safety programs of respective country
  • Help your kids to attend safety demo classes in order to understand their visiting country’s principles and policies or Dos and DONTs.
  • Spend the most quality time with your kids and cherish the moments.
  • Plan short vacations before they leave and gift them with the necessities they require once they fly
Part 2: After Your Child Reaches his Destination to Study:
  • Know about his whereabouts like where he is residing, nearby land marks, communication numbers like whatsapp, phone call, Skype, Facebook etc
  • Collect his/her friends and Roommates contact numbers along with the authorities’ numbers.
  • Set up a fixed time to communicate with your kid regularly
  • Get information about their experiences and fears
  • Learn the ways to send money to them
  • Attend their calls during the initial days without fail
  • Assign them with your known friends or families who stays in nearby places to check with them regularly
  • Advise them to be safe and alert all through their ways
  • Know about their new friends and relationships with localities
  • Assure them that your financial support is there for them at any point of time and also warn them not to over spend.
  • Help them in choosing the better part time jobs with your suggestions
  • Act like more a friend than family while listening to their new experiences

Kadmus wishes ALL THE VERY BEST to each and every parent of studying abroad aspiring student and we proudly say that we can be a part of your success journey by helping you in each and every single step you take towards your child’s growth.

Only half of UK universities ready for no-deal Brexit – study
Dt :- 2019-11-07
Universities UK says 80% of members very concerned, with some considering stockpiling

Four out of five British universities are worried about the impact of crashing out of the EU without a deal, as vice-chancellors look to stockpile essential supplies ranging from chemicals to toilet paper.


Chinese students' applications to UK universities up by 30%
Dt :- 2019-11-07
UK higher education is benefitting from tensions between US and China, say experts

Applications from Chinese students to study at UK universities have gone up 30% since last year, with numbers exceeding those from Northern Ireland for the first time, according to official statistics.


Top engineering university to open jobs exclusively to women
Dt :- 2019-11-07
Eindhoven University of Technology aims to address ‘implicit gender bias’

Job vacancies at one of Europe’s leading engineering universities will be open exclusively to female candidates for at least the next 18 months in order to overcome the institution’s “implicit gender bias”.


U.S. News Best Countries Rankings
Dt :- 2019-11-07
Measuring global performance on a variety of metrics


More Students Are Taking the SAT Than Ever Before
Dt :- 2019-11-07

MORE STUDENTS IN THE graduating high school class of 2019 took the SAT than ever before, despite a record number of colleges and universities dropping the entrance exam requirement that's long been a standard part of the admissions process.


This article is more than 1 month old UK work visas for foreign graduates to be extended to two years
Dt :- 2019-11-07
Government returns to pre-2012 policy that Theresa May called ‘too generous’

International students are to be offered a two-year work visa after graduating from a British university, the government will announce, overturning a key plank of Theresa May’s restrictive immigration policies.


Most Popular Courses and Preferred Colleges Worldwide
Dt :- 2019-11-01
  • Course Name: Social Sciences and Management
      • Rank World Wide: 10
      • Subjects Included:
        • Accounting & Finance
        • Anthropology
        • Business & Management Studies
        • Communication & Media Studies
        • Development Studies
        • Economics & Econometrics
        • Education & Training
        • Hospitality & Leisure Management
        • Law
        • Library & Information Management
        • Politics & International Studies
        • Social Policy & Administration
        • Sociology
        • Sports-related Subjects
        • Statistics & Operational Research

    Best Universities to Study: Harvard University , London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and University of Oxford

  • Course Name: Accounting & Finance
    • Rank World Wide: 9
    • Best University to Study: Harvard University
  • Course Name: Arts & Humanities
    • Rank World Wide: 8
    • Subjects:
      • Archaeology
      • Architecture / Built Environment
      • Art & Design
      • Classics & Ancient History
      • English Language & Literature
      • History
      • Linguistics
      • Modern Languages
      • Performing Arts
      • Philosophy
      • Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies
    • Best Universities to Study: University of Oxford ,University of Cambridge and Harvard University
    • Course Name: Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering
      • Rank World Wide: 7
      • Best Universities to Study: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    • Course Name: Law
      • Rank World Wide: 6
      • Best Universities to Study: Harvard University
    • Course Name: Economics & Econometrics
      • Rank World Wide: 5
      • Best Universities to Study: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
    • Course Name: Medicine
      • Rank World Wide: 4
      • Best Universities to Study: The universities of Oxford and Cambridge
    • Course Name: Business & Management Studies
      • Rank World Wide: 3
      • Best Universities to Study: The universities of Oxford and Cambridge
    • Course Name: Computer Science & Information Systems
      • Rank World Wide: 2
      • Best Universities to Study: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • Course Name: Engineering & Technology
    • Rank World Wide: 1
    • Subjects:
      • Computer Science & Information Systems
      • Chemical Engineering
      • Civil & Structural Engineering
      • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Mineral & Mining Engineering
    • Best Universities to Study: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),Stanford University and Cambridge University
UK’s first degree course in social change begins
Dt :- 2019-09-30
Freshers on course that drew 38 applications per place are paired with charities

The UK’s first degree course in “social change” has attracted six times more candidates per place than Oxford University, as young people flock to activist careers to reshape a world strained by environmental and wealth inequalities.

Freshers gathered for the start of the pioneering course this week at Queen Mary University of London where they have been paired with major charities in a study-apprenticeship programme aimed at forging a new generation of charity leaders.


Traditional and Cultures
Dt :- 2019-01-07
  • United Kingdom: The third most positive nation in the world. A powerful island nation of north Western Europe with strong global presence. London is the capital city and English is the national language of UK. The nation’s culture, language and the traditions are mostly influenced by British Empire.
    • Languages: English, Cornish, Scots, French, German, Spanish, Welsh
    • Festivals and Celebrations: Christmas, New Year, Good Friday, Hogmany ,Burns Night, Obby Oss, Hay Festival,
    • Sports: Cricket, Football, Rugby, Horse Racing, Golf, Tennis, Water Sports, Motor Sports, Skiing
    • Events: The Boat Race, FA cup final, Notting Hill Carnival, Queen’s Birthday, Boxing Day
    • Type of Government: Parliamentary system
    • Interesting Facts:
      • London was earlier known as Londonium, Ludenwic, and Ludenburg.
      • It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament in UK
      • In the UK, the first name is also known as ‘the Christian name’, although this has little to do with religion today. This is traditionally followed by a middle name and then the family name which in the UK is known as the surname.
      • You have to follow the etiquette of shaking hands when you meet and greet new people here
      • While eating, remember to hold the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right
      • Most of the UK people are tea addicts
      • Until 1877, lecturers of University of Oxford this university were not allowed to get married.
      • BBC’s TV channels don’t display advertisements.
      • Soccer is one of the most popular games in UK.
      • Smith Jones and Williams are the most common names in UK
  • United States of America: The power house of the world in terms of economy, military forces and political stamina. Generally refereed as America of United states of America which constitutes 50 states, with Washington DC as its capital. Football is the most popular game and apple pie is a common dish here.
    • Languages: English, Spanish, Indo-European languages, Asian and pacific languages
    • Festivals and Celebrations: Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day
    • Sports: Cricket, American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Boxing,Golf, Car Racing.
    • Events: The Boat Race, Beer Festival, Fall into arts Festival, Summer music series
    • Type of Government: President system
    • Interesting Facts:
      • The united nations flag was designed by a high school student
      • New York city was the capital of US
      • There is no national or official languge here
      • The internet was invented by US
      • US grabs the most powerful position in world’s economy
      • Have won the maximum of Olympic medals till date
      • In 1867, US purchased Alaska from Russia for just $ 7.2 million dollars
      • The national animal of US is a bald eagle
  • Canada: The Northern North America with 1 provinces and 3 territories serving Ottawa as its capital has a strong global significance with its uniqueness and trademark. Queen Elizabeth is the head of the state. The country has a dual nationality with Canadian French and Canadian English
    • Languages: English, French
    • Festivals and Celebrations: Christmas, Vaisakhi, Friendship Festival, Muslim Fest, Festival of northern lights,
    • Sports: Cricket, Football, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Base Ball, Basketball, Canadian Football, , Curling, Disc Sports, Rugby league, Rugby union, Soccer, Bowling and Combat sports
    • Events: The Boat Race,Veg food fest, Toronto International Film Festival, Western Fair
    • Type of Government: Parliamentary system and Federal System
    • Interesting Facts:
      • Largest producer of Maple syrup in the world
      • Canada is the world’s most educated country
      • Canadians consume more macaroni and cheese when compared to the rest of the world
      • The US- Canada border is the longest and straight line border in entire world
      • Canada also has more number of lakes when compared to the rest of the world
  • Australia: The island country which is very well known as the oldest, driest and fattest continent of the world. Canberra is the capital of Australia and Sydney is the largest city here. English is considered as the official language and the country has no state religion.
    • Languages: English, Australian
    • Festivals and Celebrations: Christmas, The festival of Winds, Cabramatta Moon Festival, Elements Festival,
    • Sports: Cricket, Football, Tennis, basket Ball, Dancing Soccer
    • Events: GaliaLahav, Oktoberfest, Cooge Family Fun Day, Leura Gardens Festival
    • Type of Government: Federal system
    • Interesting Facts:
      • Australia has more Kangaroos than human population
      • The favorite food of the nation is Vegemite
      • There are more than 10, 000 beaches her
      • Australians have their own set of rules for football
      • The pink colored Lake Hiller is located in Australia
      • Has more camels than Egypt
  • France: The global fashion icon, the tourist center of the world, with a unique cuisine and famous wine collection. France homes the rich history and culture. Paris the capital city and French is the official language.
    • Languages: French, Corsican, Breton, Gallo, Basque, Franco-Provençal, Occitan, Catalan
    • Festivals and Celebrations: Festival of Lights, Lemon Festival, Pepper Festival, Violet festival
    • Sports: Cricket, Football, Rugby, Tennis ,Cycling, Skiing
    • Events: Strawberry Festival, Paris Onam, Silhouette Festival
    • Type of Government: Semi-Presidential system
    • Interesting Facts:
      • Paris was earlier known as Lutetia
      • You can marry a dead person in France
      • The art and music lovers are more here
      • The world’s first artificial heart transplantation and Face transpiration were done in France
      • World’s costliest wines are sold here
  • Italy: One of the most advanced countries of world in both cultural and economic sense. Rome is the capital of Italy and also a powerful city with strong global impact. Italian is the national and official language here and the cuisine of Italy is loved worldwide. Italy is also one of the most visited country and a fashion icon with luxurious brands.
    • Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and Other regional languages
    • Festivals and Celebrations: Christmas, Grapes festival, Puzzone’s Festival, Ferrara Balloon Festival
    • Sports: Cricket, Football, Athletics, Cycling, Volleyball, Golf, Gymnastics, Baseball, Body Building, Tennis
    • Events: Ferrara Balloon Festival, Val di Fassa Marathon, Yoga Retreat
    • Type of Government: Parliamentary system
    • Interesting Facts:
      • The top automobiles brands are from Italy
      • The Italian cuisine is the most demanded cuisine world wide
      • Has the highest number of world heritage centers
      • More than 30% pf Italians don’t use the internet
      • Number 17 is considered as unlucky in Italy
      • Italian Traffic Police use Lambhorgini Gallardo
      • The world’s richest cat is from Italy
      • 99% of the Italians are highly educated